Month: February 2023

SOCCER CLEATS – How To Choose Them

Soccer is a game played by thousands and loved by millions. Every soccer professional chooses their cleats based on their requirement and condition from the ground. If proper cleats are certainly not worn by the player it might be a huge disadvantage on his side because cleats provide proper grip and adhesion towards ground. Soccer cleats are chosen judging by various factors, some of them are as follows-

  1. ACCORDING TO THE PLAYGROUND SURFACE- If the condition of an ground is rough and not too soft then this player should use firm ground cleats with 12 to 15 studs in other to keep friction and enable flexibility. Studs come in different shapes like conical, blade-shaped, etc. But if the ground surface is wet and muddy, then a player comes for soft surface cleats, so the stickiness of ground won't restrict friction and offers sufficient traction. However, in soft surface cleats, the number of studs is 6-7, structured ideally. And, for hard and rocky ground surface the cleats having flat studs are preferred as they provide maximum grip to take care of balance around the hard surface.
  2. ACCORDING TO THE MATERIAL- Soccer cleats are made of various types of materials like from kangaroo leather, goat leather, synthetic material, mesh, etc. Each one has its own advantage and disadvantage. The cleats made out of kangaroo leather are often preferred as they provide great comfort for your feet and therefore are quite durable. But they are very heavy and expensive so that you can also choose goat leather cleats since they are less costly and offer exactly the same comfort, but you are as heavy because former one. Cleats made from synthetic material can be used widely because they're light weighing and cheap, but they are not suitable for all you weather and are certainly not durable as kangaroo leather cleats. Many companies have started manufacturing artificial leather cleats having water resistant quality and durability.
  3. ACCORDING TO THE COMFORT- Selecting right cleat could be a challenging task because main priority is the comfort. Cleats mustn't be too small or too wide. They should fit properly and never hurt your toes causing blisters. Choose the cleats that may balance your forwards and backwards movements. Your cleats should have a large strike zone so can readily kick the ball. The insoles in cleats needs to be soft and bouncy enough.
  4. ACCORDING TO THE BUDGET- The price of cleats differs from company for the company offering a variety of quality and material. The quality of cleats is classified as top-tier cleats, mid-tier cleats, and low-tier cleats. The professional soccer player chose top-tier cleats while they are manufactured to cater the stress with the player. They are extremely expensive and price around 100$-500$ depending around the manufacturing company. The mid-tier cleats have been in great demand while they are available at cheap pricing and therefore are as durable as top-tier cleats. The low-tier cleats are for that beginner. They are cheap as well as inferior quality.